New Year’s Eve with The Captains!

2008-09-04 - 17:25 | News |

Come party with The Captains! You know you wanna.

We will be playing a New Year’s Eve party at MAGFest at the Hilton Mark Center hotel in Alexandria, Virginia.
Click on the Music tab.

It says this on the MAGFest website. And we believe it because we read it on the Internet:
MAGFest is a video and computer gaming festival run by fans, for fans. It’s similar to most fan-based (anime, scifi, etc) conventions, but aims to be more of a laid-back video game party atmosphere. No huge dealer rooms here, but rather lots of fan art, film and music. The special guests tend to fit right in and socialize with the rest of the crowd. Game movies and cartoons are shown weekend-long. Lots of attendees set up games in their rooms and leave their door open to invite others inside.

Perhaps most importantly, MAGFest has a huge focus on game music — multiple concerts worth — filled with video game music tributes, some even with the original composers! On Friday and Saturday nights multiple bands perform on our main stage, and our ‘JamSpace’ is open 24 hours for collaborative music and special treats alike.

Love and silly hats,
Party Queen

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