Month: September, 2007

Wake up Maggie, I think I have something to say to you…

25 September, 2007 (10:36) | News | No comments

I think we’ve finally all recovered from the Austin GDC and our gig at Maggie Mae’s. It was a very good time (at least for us) and I don’t think we’ve ever loaded out so fast before in our lives. Having adoring fans bow to us in an “I’m not worthy” fashion in the middle [...]

Burning Man – Fish in the Desert

11 September, 2007 (17:49) | Uncategorized | One comment

I went to Burning Man this year for the first time. My friend Mike Steele went for the first time last year and he wanted me and his wife Patricia Pizer to go with him this year. I told him I would go only if we did an art project. So we did. We created [...]