We’re Ba…ack!

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The Captains are back at it for reals.  On June 28 we had a lovely time nerd-rocking the Carousel Lounge, and coming up at the end of August we will be playing at Worldcon, the World Science Fiction Convention, in San Antonio.

Have a look at some videos from our performance at the Carousel.  You’ll find them on Youtube and also here on our website.  Click on Pieces.

All your bass are belong to me,

New and Improv’d

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Happy to report that the Captains met this week and have started working on new songs, setlists, and wardrobe choices – all to be unveiled in the coming months. We’re back.


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Our second appearance on YouTube – now without that unintentional strobe effect…


Watch it – you’ll like it!

Captain’s Stimulus Package

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Contains: new original tunes, new song parodies, new cover tunes, more recordings, more gigs, no cod pieces (by Mitchell’s request), bacon

Trans-fat free, but not Fat free.

Not tested on animals, unless nerds count, and they can, don’t get them started.

Some settling may occur.

Your results may vary.

End of year reminder

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I just cleaned out a load of spam subscriber entries from the database – if I deleted you, be sure to let me know. (All those not here, raise your hand).

AAAAnnnnddd…. if you are going to buy gifts for your geeky friends this Christmas, consider perusing the Captains of the Chess Team merchandise store before going to some NORMAL place. You might find something you like. And hey – looking is free. :)

More Captains mania to pick up after the first of the year. Stay tuned!

The March of the Merch

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Captainz gots Merch!

Check the Captains home page for a link to our very own geeky online store. Your chance to own a piece of officially sanctioned Captain’s swag.

Check the store often for updated designs, and specials!

Join the in-crowd! Get your own Captains T-Shirt and Coffee Mug today!

IGC gig report: much goodness

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Thursday night, November 20, 2008. I think it was our best performance evah! Lots of smiles, laughs, and bopping due to our clinically proven rock formula (not available in stores.) Serious pr0px0rs go out to our IGC hosts who provided appropriate signage AND a bowl of hand sorted brown M&M’s, which were ceremoniously presented in a souvenir green ceramic bowl. Scott got to keep the empty bowl.
brown M&M's

We’ve had to cancel our MAGFest gig

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Due to family commitments, we’ve had to cancel our trip to DC to play at the MAGFest New Years Eve party. But you should still go! Looks like a lot of fun.

Love and parental responsibilities,

Smell the rock

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Here’s another opportunity to experience The Captains of the Chess Team in organic 3-D. We will be playing the evening of November 20th at the Independent Game Conference in Austin, TX. Yee haw, no less! Take a gander at our Instance page for more info on this and other shows.

Elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist, wrist (the royal wave),


New Year’s Eve with The Captains!

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Come party with The Captains! You know you wanna.

We will be playing a New Year’s Eve party at MAGFest at the Hilton Mark Center hotel in Alexandria, Virginia.
Click on the Music tab.

It says this on the MAGFest website. And we believe it because we read it on the Internet:
MAGFest is a video and computer gaming festival run by fans, for fans. It’s similar to most fan-based (anime, scifi, etc) conventions, but aims to be more of a laid-back video game party atmosphere. No huge dealer rooms here, but rather lots of fan art, film and music. The special guests tend to fit right in and socialize with the rest of the crowd. Game movies and cartoons are shown weekend-long. Lots of attendees set up games in their rooms and leave their door open to invite others inside.

Perhaps most importantly, MAGFest has a huge focus on game music — multiple concerts worth — filled with video game music tributes, some even with the original composers! On Friday and Saturday nights multiple bands perform on our main stage, and our ‘JamSpace’ is open 24 hours for collaborative music and special treats alike.

Love and silly hats,
Party Queen